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Shared & Business Services in Higher Education

Under pressure to be competitive in the marketplace, reduce cost, and increase productivity, many higher education institutions are in the process of implementing or expanding a shared services model. Adopting a shared services model delivers a host of benefits, from streamlined back-office operations, to lower operational costs, and increased transparency, accountability, and efficiency. These in turn bring positive financial and productivity rewards to the larger  organization. Despite these clear benefits, implementing and (or) optimizing your SSO continues to be a challenge due to budgetary constraints, faculty resistance, high employee turnover, internal politics, stringent transparency requirements, and public and administrative scrutiny. 

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    • The 2019 Shared & Business Services in Higher Education conference brings together shared services leaders across all functions and maturity levels at institutions for higher learning. Over 3 days of presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and  roundtables, these leaders will address the challenges and identify the opportunities for shared services, and provide perspective  on the implementation and expansion solutions within the public sector. Attendees will come away equipped to help their institutions to become be more competitive in today’s highly challenging, cost-sensitive, process-efficiency-driven marketplace.

      Top Benefits of Attending:


      Learn how to develop, implement, and monitor a successful plan to start up, stabilize, improve, and/or expand a cost-effective and efficient shared services program for your higher education institution

      Examine a variety of model structures, practice methods, resources, technologies, and partnership collaborations to jump start your proposed shared and business services, and/or enhance your existing shared services business


      Dive into topics vital to your continued success such as:

      • Developing a Compelling Business Case;
      • Talent Recruitment & Retention;
      • Partnership Collaborations;
      • Inter-Department Communications;
      • Service Delivery Excellence;
      • Change Management;
      • Continuous Improvement

      Whether you’re just starting out or  taking your SSO to the next level, by attending this you will leave this uniquely valuable conference with tools and strategies and a wealth of real-world 

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Top Benefits of Attending:


Learn how to develop, execute, and track a successful plan to start up, stabilize, enhance, and/or expand an efficient and cost-effective shared services model for your higher education system


Examine a variety of model structures, practice methods, technologies, and resources to jump start your proposed shared services programs, and/or enhance your existing shared services business


Explore a variety of shared services models---to ensure the best fit for your university’s core mission


Dig deep into topics vital to your continued success such as: Developments & Trends in Effective Buy-Ins; How to Develop a Shared Services Center on a Shoestring Budget; Executive Leadership Recruitment & Development; LEAN Six Sigma; Data Analytics to Drive Continual Process Improvement; Talent Management; and many more

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