April 23 - 25, 2018
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Debunking 5 Myths: How Feasible is a Shared Services Model in Higher Ed

With rising tuition, research dollars shrinking, and state budget allocations being reduced, the higher education industry has important cost issues to address. To manage this, a growing number of colleges and universities are adopting a shared services model for various activities and transactions. However, the higher education sector is relatively new to the adoption of such a model, and there are already a number of frequently voiced myths that, if believed, can leave an institution hesitant to implement shared services.

Ronn Kolbash, Associate Vice President for Shared Services, University of Chicago and Stephanie Avallone, Director of Service & Quality Management, Yale University debunk these myths in this exclusive article.

UCSF Case Study: Leveraging Enterprise-Wide HR Shared Services in Higher Education

This Case Study details the ways in which Shared Services have helped the University of California San Francisco, including the benefits of meeting budget restrictions head on.

Interviews with Industry Leaders

Yale University’s Strategy to Successful Faculty Buy-In

Despite the obvious process improvements and efficiencies afforded by a shared services model, many institutions struggle to upend deeply-rooted processes that prevent cost-savings and efficiencies. Stephanie Avallone, Director, Strategy & Quality Management at Yale Shared Services, walks us through the university's strategy, implementation and continual improvements in this exclusive interview.

People over Processes is Key to Shared Services' Success

"I've learned over the years that the more time I spent with the people the more successful we become," says Pam Gabel, Executive Director, Shared Services Center, University of Michigan in this exclusive interview. It's all about the People. Processes can be trained. Process improvement can be strategized. It's easy to train people to do value mapping, but it's difficult to train someone to deliver a vision and to be responsive to people. That takes a lot more time.

Which Shared Services Model is Right for You?

In this exclusive interview, Kevin Hegary, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, University of Michigan, helps us understand that designing your shared services model to solve the problems your organization is currently facing is the key to success.

Strategies for Employee Engagement

Ahead of the event, we interviewed our speakers, see what tactics they use to enhance their employee engagement and what successes they've seen!

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Exclusive Content

SSHE Benchmarking: How Does Your University Compare?

This benchmarking report showcases the results from live audience polling that was conducted with higher education and government shared services professionals at SSON's 9th Shared Services & Process Improvement for Higher Education & Government conference, which was held in United States in December 2016.

SSHE Advisory Board: A Proactive Approach to Shared Services

Ahead of the 2nd Shared Services in Higher Education Summit, we sat down with some of the biggest influencers on our SSHE Advisory Board in order to gather their insight on the challenges they have faced along their shared services journies.

How to Tailor Shared Services for Your University: An Information Technology Perspective

We linked up with keynote speaker, Dr. Michael H. Hites, Senior Associate Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Administrative IT Services, University of Illinois System to get his expertise on how IT can be so crucial to adding value to shared services.


Case Study: Expert Insight into Shared Services for Higher Education

At the last iteration of Shared Services for Higher Education, we heard from Directors, Vice Presidents, Administrators, and Managers about topics critical to shared services in education. This case study includes expert insight into these topics, such as organizational structure suggestions for a shared services model, strategies for developing and managing a successful shared service center on a budget, and more.

Business Operations- Lee Smith

In this presentation, Lee Smith, Interim Chief Operating Officer, University of Louisville, shows how Louisville was able to meet current & future business needs

University of Saskatchewan ConnectionPoint - Administrative Services You Need, When You Need Them

In this top presentation from 2017, Wade Epp, Associate Vice-President Services,University of Saskatchewan, discusses how ConnectionPoint has benefited the University

How to Effectively Manage Your SSO Marketing, PR & Communication

One of the top presentations of 2017, Bryan E. Garey, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, University of Virginia and Kim Lane, Director of Communications, Claremont University Consortium share their insights on understanding the unique nature of Shared Services as it relates to communication and marketing allowing you to leave with new ideas and options for communicating your initiative.

Applying LEAN Concepts to Your Complex Back-Office Operations

In this presentation, Mark Robinson, Director of Lean, University of St. Andrews disuccess the Lean basic principles applied to your Shared Services Centre Operations and how to develop and stick to your plan.

Keys to Integrating Change Management for a Winning Shared Services Approach

Get an inside look about Scott Madden, a management consulting firm, from Courtney Jackson, Partner, Multi-FunctionTransformation and Change Management and Laura Campbell, Director, Multi-Function Supporting Technologies. Learn about their shared services knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Change Management: Initiatives to Enhance Program Integrity & Deliverables

Find out why Change Management is important to shared services from Megan Glide Villasenor, MBA Assistant Director, Customer Service & Strategic Initiatives, University of California, Davis

Long Live Shared Services

Find out how Matthew Fajack, Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill designed and launched a shared service model to serve Carolina.